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The Assemblies of God Eastern Reef Regional Centre Project (ERRCP) is the brain child of the Eastern Reef regional stakeholders, being the Gauteng District Council, Mothers, Men, Sisters, Youth and Sunday School.

Over the past few years it has been noted that due to the ever-increasing number of church members across all segments or structures, being Mothers, Men, Sisters, Youth and Sunday School, the current local church buildings within the region are no longer adequately capacitated to accommodate regional meetings and activities of the aforesaid segments or structures. The ripple effect of this situation has been the hiring of facilities for some of the church activities, more particularly in respect of the youth work, resulting in substantial funds being expended on these exercises as opposed to the primary objective of the concerned structure.

Given this challenge, it has become necessary for all the segments of the Region to consider embarking on an initiative to construct and establish a state of the art modern structure or facility that will adequately address the identified challenge within the next few years.

The Gauteng District Council (GDC) mandated the District Council Committee (DCC) to facilitate a forum for all the affected stakeholders to consolidate their financial resources with a mission of establishing a Regional Centre Facility. While the essence or the core object is the establishment of the Regional Centre facility, it is of paramount importance that such facility should, in the long run, be self-sustainable. It is therefore envisaged that the Regional Centre should be self sufficient and be poised to grow to become a source of revenue for other regional activities.

In the quest to implement the Regional Centre mission, the GDC established a Committee with a mandate to take the process forward. This Committee is called the Eastern Reef Regional Centre Committee (shortened ERRCC)

The Committee has been constituted as follows:

This implementation structure will operate within clearly defined terms of reference and reports as depicted below:


The Eastern Reef Assemblies of God seeks to construct a state of the art modern structure that will address the indentified challenge of the lack of suitable facilities to cater for the needs of the ever-growing constituency. Quite obviously, a project of this magnitude can only be accomplished with the help of suitably qualified service providers.

Consequently, one of the key drivers towards the realisation of the ideal state is to have clearly formulated Terms of Reference. To that end, ERRCC understands its Terms of Reference to be the following:

“to investigate the feasibility of the construction of a state of the art modern structure that will cater for the needs of the ever-growing constituency in the medium to long term and to provide a detailed cost analysis for undertaking the building project until completion”

In addition to the above broad terms, the ERRCC will also be required to provide and formulate proposals on any other relevant matters (e.g. short to medium term funding models and interventions) that may be deemed necessary to ensure the timeous fulfillment of the ultimate goal of having the most suitable Regional Centre to cater for all our needs in this age and era.


The scope and extent of the assignment to be undertaken by the ERRCC, amongst others, comprises the following:

3.1 Assessment of available funds to ascertain affordability of the project to be undertaken and recommend other fund-raising initiatives or funding model where appropriate;

3.2 Engaging the services of relevant professionals and service providers to obtain a rough sketch and design of the envisaged structure; and

3.3 Facilitating the costing of envisaged structure based on the rough sketch, (including but not limited to approval of the plan, earthworks, building construction, finishes, etc.).
3.4 Ensuring that the Regional Centre is self-sufficient and further becomes a source of economical viability of the Region.


The Regional Centre is planned to be completed by December 2015.

5. Success Factors

The successful completion of this project will be subject to the following success factors:

5.1 Support, buy-in and commitment of all key stakeholders;

5.2 Availability and participation of as well as input from key stakeholders;

5.3 Timeous response by all key stakeholders to address any bottlenecks and hurdles and signing off of deliverables.

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